Pick a Loan from the Lending Tree: lendingtree.com Review

There’s a good chance you have heard of Lending Tree (lendingtree.com). If you haven’t, it isn’t due to lack of money spent on advertising on their part. Lending Tree is basically a place you can go to get referrals from many major lenders when looking to finance or refinance your home, buy a boat, buy a car, etc.

Pick a Loan from the Lending Tree: Personal Experience and the Process

It should be noted that I do not get any type of referral fee or compensation of any type from Lending Tree. This is strictly a fair review based on my personal experience and what I was able to glean about the company from my application through them a few years ago.

Getting signed up at Lending Tree is pretty quick and painless. You simply go to their site and fill in all your information. Some people become a little apprehensive in giving out details over the Internet, but with Lending Tree they have put all the proper safeguards in place so that you can submit your information in a perfectly secure environment.


Just use the drop-down lists they have to identify the type of loan you are seeking, as well as the state in which you reside and any other information required for the type of loan you are coveting. Hit the button to get started and you are on your way.

Pick a Loan from the Lending Tree: What to Expect

The one thing I will say with certainty is that, while Lending Tree is definitely a place you should look into when in need of a loan, do not restrict yourself only to the lenders that they send to you. To be honest, the companies that I made contact with through Lending Tree had decent rates and acceptable enough deals, but they really didn’t stand out to any great degree over what I was able to find locally.

Use the quotes you get from Lending Tree lenders as a good jumping-off point of what to expect as terms, but then definitely compare that information to what you can get locally.

As far as the number of lenders who will contact you, prepare to be deluged. The good thing is that these are real, reputable companies. The downside is, some of them are overly persistent.

Lending Tree seems to be on the up and up with their Internet practices. I only received genuine offers and have not experienced any SPAMming or anything even slightly nefarious since my dealings with them.

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